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Renae Jensen featured on the Natasha Sherman Show
with Princeton Community Television

Renae Jensen is a regular guest on the Natasha Sherman Show hosted by Princeton Community Television. Natasha and Renae have covered many tantalizing topics such as Feng Shui in the Bedroom, How to sell your home with Feng Shui, and Space Clearing..
Some of Renae's shows: videos on Vimeo:

Natasha Sherman

Renae Jensen featured on Third Eye Television

Renae had the delightful opportunity to record two feng shui shows with the Third Eye Television Network. Thank you Lucia !

Feng Shui show in the Cemetary !

Third Eye Show #58. Feng Shui

Today’s Third Eye Show showcases the talents of feng shui practitioner and teacher Renae Jensen. From her New Jersey home, Renae walks us through some of the basic concepts of this ancient art and practice, revealing how our attention to color, placement, and images affects every aspect of our lives. She teaches us how to use simple techniques to promote excellence in our public and private relationships, and encourage the flow of abundance and all good things, illustrating her points with visual aids as well as anecdotes. You’ll find that this entertaining and enlightening hour flies by on today’s Third Eye Show

Enjoy Videos from our Holistic Expo's !

Sandra Marie Humby

Interior Alchemy and the Way of the Rose Sandra demonstrated dowsing and the healing power of the Rose to a very packed room !

Renae Jensen

Feng Shui Master - Design Harmony Renae presents some feng shui tips to manifest love and money in your life

Ellie Corda

Dragonfly Aromatic Oils Ellie introduces you to the power of essential oils.

Vivian Sartoretto

Harmony Holistic Wellness Center Vivien introduces the topic of Past Lives

Barbara Goodfriend

Animal Communicator Barbara connects you to the world of Animal communication.

Yoga By John

John will be presenting a Yoga demonstration
Join in and learn some stress relaxation movements.


Conscious Design Hosts "The Way of the Rose" Workshop Series with Sandra Marie Humby

The Way of the Rose is a unique transformational workshop programme created from the Sacred Knowledge and Ancient Wisdom held within the history, symbolism, geometry and vibration of the Rose. Totally relevant for today, this programme supports you in gently releasing residual old patterns and memories which no longer serve you and opens you up to really connecting to your authentic power and the wisdom of your HEART... to live a LOVE filled, Conscious, Passionate, Creative, Connected life...

Visit www.

Conscious Design Hosts
The House Whisperer Workshops

Conscious Design Magazine was proud to bring the "House Whisperer" workshops to the U.S. in 2007. The dynamic team of Christian Kyriacou and Sandra Marie Humby was enlightening and entertaining. Their knowledge of sacred space, sound, dowsing, and space clearing was profound.

Conscious Design Conference

2007 was the year for the Conscious Design Conference and Expo, held in New Jersey. Hosted by Conscious Design and Renae Jensen, this was a huge undertaking !

Our dream come true as the American Institute of Architects and the ASID ( Designers), connected with the teachers of Feng Shui and Bau Biologie. The vendors were spectacular and the event created a bridge for many people to share wisdom, knowledge and to bring more healing into the world.

We were proud to host HGTV stars: Stephanie McWillians Fun Shui premier and Dan Schachner from Curb Appeal.

Conscious Design Magazine

2006 saw the unfolding of the Conscious Design Magazine, a forum that is dedicated to connecting the Ancient Wisdom of feng shui, space clearing, and healthy energetics to the cutting edge Wisdom of green design, bau-biologie and design psychology. All in the name of Healthy Space !

Feng Shui Fashion Show Premier Event

The 2004 Feng Shui Conference was the forum for hosting the first ever Feng Shui Fashion Show.

With the talents of Fashion Feng Shui's Evana Maggiore and her partnr Louise, an array of male and female models delighted the crowd with Fire, Metal, Water, Earth and Wood clothing designs !

Century 21 sponsored the event with clothing ranging from fire red to gray metals.. and lots inbetween.

Feng Shui 2004 Conference

2004 was truly a milestone for Feng Shui, as Renae Jensen and Louis Pennacchio hosted the first ever International Feng Shui conference on the East Coast of the United States.

Morristown, New Jersey was the magical place as hundreds gathered to listen to renowned speakers from England, Holland, China, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, and our own United States. Vendors shared beautiful feng shui and healing products, and we enjoyed a feng shui fashion event.