I cannot tell you what a difference the space clearing has made. My son no longer is being plagued by terrifying night visitors. We not longer feel as if we were afraid to be in our own home. Quite an experience.



  I didn't put much thought into if it felt different or what may come of it, but a few days later I was quite amazed when I realized that of all things my cravings for sweets had totally stopped!  While I had done lots of energy clearing and space clearing in August the food cravings were quite intense. Suddenly I had NO desire for a latte, sweet or ice cream.
 It's as if everything came together.

Space Clearing

Space Clearing – and Clutter Clearing

A large part of empowering design is to work with shifting the energy and matrix of a space through clutter clearing and space clearing techniques. 

For centuries, the Native American people have used sage and sweetgrass to cleanse negative energy and to reenergize a space. Churches use the very powerful resin made of Frankincense and Basilica. Why?

Our space can hold onto and lock in stress, trauma, spirits, negative energy ( entities), and even the pattern of arguments and distress. If we continue to live in a space that holds this type of pattern, it will then influence the current residents and often illness, disharmony, and financial issues surface. The new advances in the science of quantum physics confirms what the ancients knew well.

So spring cleaning takes on a new meaning for us!
Space clearing, cleansing or rebalancing can be done by anyone as long as they understand some of the basics, and are not fearful of the process. Where serious issues are concerned, I would recommend using a professional trained in space clearing.

Although I never planned to be a "space clearer", I find that I am called to do this work again and again. Perhaps it is my Greek/Italian heritage, or my very deep study and mentoring with the Native Americans... or my thirst for knowledge. I have spent many hours in training classes and workshops to learn more and have been blessed with many great teachers. Vivian Sartoretto was one of my first incredible teachers and continues to be a trusted and powerful healer. Christian Kyriacou and Sandra Marie Humby - The House Whisperers have brought a new depth and understanding of the work and the respect we must hold for all of life. Sam Tso, Navajo medicine man has been a teacher and friend and I am honored to welcome his teaching and healing work to the East coast. The Rose Alchemy work of Sandra Marie Humby has brought a new modality forward in the work, as the Roses can cleanse and clear just by the highest expression of their being.

This is powerful work, and when we are working to make a home more beautiful and powerful with feng shui and interior design, we need to have a space that is clear and balanced to work with. It would be like placing a new set of clothes on a dirty body.

So, if you are interested in having this work done, or in future training, please contact Renae for more information or visit my Services page.