Space Clearing  Professional Certification Course 
by the Conscious Design Institute


Thank you for your interest in the Space Clearing Certification Program offered by the
Conscious Design Institute and Renae Jensen, FSII

Space Clearing/Harmonizing is a vital part of maintaining healthy space, and has been part of our human culture and practice for thousands of years. Home Blessings, Spring Cleaning, New Years ceremonies, Spirit Cleansing.. we are familiar with
|rituals associated with cleansing space. As we work to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit, we must allow our homes to have a cleanse, refresh and reset it's energy and intentions. We can apply new paint, beautiful furnishings and feng shui techniques, but it is like " putting clean clothes on a dirty body".  Our homes matrix, energy fields, history, trauma,
and more are a level of congestion that can shifted.

I grew up with these techniques with a Greek/Italian background and have been blessed to have studied and trained for many years in the field. My professional field of Conscious Design and Real Estate has brought me hundreds of clients - with issues ranging from illness, negative luck, houses that refuse to sell, romance problems, children out of sorts.. Space Clearing has been a vital part of the process, and I have seen the value of it.

That is why the Conscious Design Institute has created an intensive certification program in Space Clearing.  Classes will be taught by myself, Renae Jensen and  Space Alchemist Sandy Humby.
We will have ancient wisdom from  Sam Tso Navajo Medicine Man who will be sharing knowledge at a teaching  sacred fire circle.  Special Guest instructors are invited in to offer depth to the program. We will offer lots of practice, on-site, personal, remote and map clearing. We will  have a private Facebook page for students to share their experiences and ask questions . For more information just contact me.

Renae Jensen, FSII
Conscious Design Institute
908 797-5225




Space Clearing Professional Certificate
About the Program

The Certification will consist of a series of 12 Classes, onsite work, independent work and mentoring.
Two Onsite Clearings will be required, and of course, attend as many as you can.
Reading and Independent work/projects will be required. Map and Remote work will be required. 
We want to equip you with a lot of knowledge, practice, and support.  9 of the classes are Mandatory,
and you can choose 3 of the additional offerings according to your schedule or attraction.  Or come to all !

Registration fee of $30.00 is required and non-refundable and will enroll you as a Conscious Design Institute student,  
and into the Certification program.  Required is signing our student ethics and promise. At any time, the student can discontinue the program and those class hours will be retained in our records for the future.  
There is no rush to complete this course.   We will offer ongoing classes throughout the year.   No pressure.

The course will cover :
Space clearing history,  Ethics & Protocols, Techniques & Tools
Herbs, Smoke, Salt, Sage, Sound, Resin, Oils/Sprays , Altars, Stones
Energy Awareness & Management  Grounding, Sensitizing, Protection,
Reading a Space, Dowsing,  Stagnant Energy, Spirits & Entity Energy
Releasing,  Shields, Programming, Map Clearing, Remote Work, and more.
You will be learning various techniques &  have lots of practice. 

You will resonate to your own style and system, as we learn and unfold various
techniques from around the world.  It is all about cleansing space and allowing  fresh,
new balanced energy to embrace health, wealth and happiness .  

This course will certify you as a professional space clearing consultant.   It is a very
unique calling, and  one that “calls to you”.    
Conscious Design Institute recognizes the extreme value of this art and science and
is proud to present this program in our quest to
make the world a sounder, safer space for all. 
Upon completion you will also receive 9 Conscious Design Mastery Credits towards our Mastery Designation.
                                                              Blessings,    Renae Jensen


Space Clearing Course Instructors -   Conscious Design Institute

Renae Jensen

Renae Jensen is a Feng Shui & Space Clearing Professional, and founder of the Conscious Design Institute and Magazine. Her She is a Reiki Master, Level 8 Lightworker, Rose Alchemy Therapist and trained inPranic Healing and Dowsing.
Year of experience and training in the holistic arts  has enabled her to bring ancient wisdom into our modern times.
She is licensed in Real Estate as a teacher and agent.  She believes that "healthy space creates happy people" and had dedicated her life to sharing wisdom and healing.  She has over 20 years of balancing, harmonizing and adjusting space .
Renae is founder of Conscious Design Institute and is located in New Jersey.   You can reach her through the Institute
at  or through Design Harmony


Sandy Humby    

Sandy Humby is an Energy Alchemist with a lifetime’s immersion in the healing and empowerment path of the Sacred Feminine. She is a Pranic Healer, House Whisperer and the author and creator of Rose Alchemy: Rose Oracle for the Heart and the Rose Alchemy Holistic Healing programme. Sandy is a carrier of the Rose flame codes of consciousness and an initiate of the Magdalene order of the White Rose. She shares her work through seminars, retreats and teaching programme in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and USA.  Sandy is a master Space Alchemist with many years and hundreds of consultations.
She is a master teacher with highly developed skills in the world of energy and healing.  
Sandy is located in the United Kingdom   Her website is :

Sam Tso, Navajo Medicine Man

Sam Tso is a Native American Medicine Man and member of the Navajo Tribe.
 He was raised by his elders in an ancestral, remote area of Dinetah (Navajo Nation), Arizona
 He grew up with the medicine people in his family and learned their ways by living their ways.  While growing up he acquired many rare oral teachings and stories.  This made him the keeper of his family history.
Sam Tso  has spent the last couple of decades, sharing his knowledge of his Navajo(DINEH) culture and spirituality, which differs from other Native traditions. He conducts unique tours through his homeland. He is an accomplished storyteller and a cultural consultant, so his tours never have a dull moment.

  Sam Tso is also a practioner of Native healing. He has been described as a human MRI, being able to see what is causing physical, emotional, psychic or other disorders and or misalignments. Then he uses one or more various techniques to realign. He also makes use of cedar and tobacco/pipe ceremony when the need arises.Sam is available for private consultations – he does remote healing work.   Sam is located in Flagstaff, Arizona   You can reach Sam at