Staging and Showcasing A Home or Office to Sell

We are all familiar with the term Home Staging and I do encourage the Home Showcasing approach, as our goal it to really showcase the positive beauty and aspects of a home to attract buyers. There are two major dynamics in the home sale process: Releasing and Attracting. Home Showcasing evaluates the home with many layers using an educational approach that empowers the seller and realtor, identifies blocks and supports this major life decision – with Joy!

I use the Environmental Psychology of space which is found in the Conscious Design Format and forms the basis of
ancient sciences such as Feng Shui and Vastu. It is all about how humans feel good - safe - and empowered in their environments. It is key when selling a home, that the home creates a positive flow from the moment the client sees the mailbox and walks to the front entrance.

It's very simple, investing a small amount in the sale of your home will reap rewards of more value and a faster sale time.
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"I wanted to take a moment to tell others about the work that Renae and her staff do in order to help me sell Real Estate. 

Renae has worked on quite a few jobs for me and I am never disappointed, nor are my clients. The record right now stands at one week on the market before we see a contract and nothing but rave reviews from the buyers. The sellers love her and her staff and sometimes don't want to move once they see what she does with their home. Renae  takes it to the next level to harmonize the home using her knowledge of Feng Shui, color and ability to see something that I know I can't.

If you have a home that has been on the market and you have had no activity it's never to late to ask your client to meet with her. You would be amazed with the difference she makes."

CA, Keller Williams Realtors

" I moved the pictures as you suggested, and the house sold within a week.
I couldn't believe it ! " SZ

Pinterest Photos:


One of the homes shown below sold in 24 hours.
The other one had an offer before the realtors broker's open was completed, and the offers are rolling in. Not even 4 days on the market.




Living Room Before and Vacant

Living Room After Staging and Showcasing



Bathroom Before Bathroom After

Dining Room Before


Dining Room After Staging


Living Room area before Living Room Area After