Feng Shui - Wind and Water

What is Feng Shui?

Through the years, we have forgotten the inter-connection of every thing on earth.
Our homes and places of work are outer reflections of ourselves.

Awareness and understanding of this has developed into this art of wind and water, often called "the art of placement".

Working from the "outside" in, can help us make progress in all areas of our lives-enhancing relationships, properity, health, happiness... by creating balance and connection.

Feng Shui is an art that works with the cycles of space and time. Feng Shui concepts can be found in every culture.

The Three Foundational Laws of Feng shui, and I would say all of life are:

TAO: "All things are Connected"
CH: "Everything is alive with Energy"
YIN-YANG "Everything Changes"


Feng Shui traditionally deals with creating Good Luck and Protecting against Bad Luck. What is Good Luck?  - Wealth, Health, Fame, Relationships, Well Behaved Children, Power.The Concept of Luck -Make this life, the very best that it can be

Chinese Levels of Luck
Heaven Luck:  Your position in Life, your place of birth, situation, astrology

Man Luck:  Your intelligence, hard work, diligence

Earth Luck:  Feng Shui, Geomancy, Astro- cartography, Space Clearing


The Five Elements:

Feng Shui uses the concept of the 5 Elements.  Feng Shui balances and harmonizes the energy of these elements properly in a space. The elements are: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.


The Bagua:

The Bagua is considered the map of feng Shui.  It is used to diagnose and locate areas that represent the 9 Guas or Houses.

Journey – Career
Inner Wisdom & Knowledge
Family & Ancestors
Wealth - Abundance
Fame and Reputation
Relationship - Marriage
Children & Creativity
Helpful People & Travel
Center -  the Tai Chi

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