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Renae Jensen

"Healthy Space creates Healthy People"

Welcome to a time of reawakening our awareness in creating healthy and empowering space. Becoming conscious to our needs, the needs of each other and our responsibility to the earth is a joyful process. We have the ability and power to change the current "landscape" and pave a new future for our children and our children's children.

Design Harmony is a Conscious Design company with a mission : "To create and promote healthy, wealthy and happy environments that benefit mankind and the earth by introducing and implementing the Conscious Design® concept through education, training , awareness programs, and services.

We are learning that we are connected : to the earth, to each other, and to the places we live and work. An empowered home, school, or office creates empowered people. The art of feng shui and sacred geometry has formed the foundation for intelligent transformational space analysis, designed with the backbone of good design, and built with the "healthy" products found in the Green Design Industry. This integrated Conscious Design® system provides a complete strategy for healthy space.

The key is always education as it empowers professionals and the public with transformational knowledge that will spread like a ripple in a large pond. Design Harmony is focused on bringing classes, media, events and information on understanding the power of Conscious Design concepts and their impact on the future of our world. What will we leave as our legacy? How will we leave a healthy world for our children and the earth?

DESIGN HARMONY  and The Conscious Design Institute


We offer and sponsor educational classes, workshops, conferences and expos to promote the Conscious Design process: Learn about feng shui, green design, sacred geometry, empowered interior design and redesign, environmental psychology, space clearing, intelligent city planning, cutting edge research....

Our training program brings the Conscious Design® Concept into the professional fields of Architecture, Interior Design, Interior Redesign, Contractors, Masons, Builders, Landscaper Designers, City Planners and any field that involves the responsibility of creating and recreating space and making decisions regarding land, homes, schools, hospitals, neighborhoods and cities.

The Conscious Design Certificate and CEU Trainings will complement and be a valuable addition to your educational field and professional status, as well as benefiting all clients and space you will touch.


  • Feng Shui
  • Green Design
  • Conscious Redesign
  • Artwork Consultations
  • Color Consultations
  • Real Estate Program
  • Real Estate Staging
  • Space Clearing and Harmonizing
  • Training programs for Professionals including Interior Designers, Builders, Architects, Realtors and Real estate Staging
  • Conscious Design® for Business
  • Landscape-Fengshui
  • Conscious Design® at your Roundtable
  • Color Consultations
  • Conscious Design® Business Mentoring
  • 9 Star Ki Analysis and Classes
  • Rose Energy Alchemy training - Sandra Marie Humby
  • PERSONAL Conscious Awareness & Development

by Renae Jensen

Beyond beautiful, we need to have our buildings uplift and support us, whether it is our family home, our corporate office, a medical facility, or our schools.

Conscious Design® is the integrated concept that redefines the way we look at our spaces. It integrates ancient concepts such as Feng Shui with cutting edge research in Green Design and Baubiologie to creates not only beautiful spaces, but spaces that are also healing and empowering.

How important is Conscious Design® and do we need it? Let's take look at how we are doing…

Overall in our country, illness is up, children are suffering with more and more diseases, many of them relating to allergies and the mental and nervous systems, divorce and dissention is growing, and our stress level is off the charts.
* We build bigger and bigger homes and families grow further apart.
* We create cavernous master suites and couples struggle for intimacy.
* We over insulate our homes and fill them with materials, carpets, and paints that unleash powerful outgassing poisons into the trapped air.
We need to regroup, reconnect and revisit both ancient and new strategies for our homes, school, medical facilities and offices to create not only beautiful spaces but healing spaces as well.

Conscious Design® is the art of consciously making design choices that support your life's path. It is an integrated design strategy that redefines our relationship with our spaces.

It acknowledges the fact that our spaces are not separate from ourselves, but an integral part of our lives. "

Feng Shui
For me, Feng Shui ( meaning Wind and Water) has always been a Verb, not a Noun.
It is about action, doing, adjusting, changing in order to access the benevolent chi of life.
This 5,000 year old art is a pertinent and effective today as it was centuries ago.

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